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The Art of Road Etiquette: Road Civility vs Road Rage is long-overdue look at the not-so-new phenomenon of Road Rage and a thorough study of the impact and application of modern etiquette as it applies to driving a vehicle in the United States. Written by award-winning etiquette instructor Nathan Wright, with input from both the Etiquette Foundation of Illinois and the “Excel” Etiquette Company, this Guide provides an in-depth analysis and recommendations for civil behavior on the road.

Road Rage In the News

Arrest in Florida road rage shooting

November 27, 2017

After a manhunt for a gunman who opened fire on a major highway in Florida, a suspect has been arrested. Authorities are investigating it as an act of road rage, a growing problem in the United States.

San Bernardino County deputy dies after apparent road rage attack

January 3, 2018

Larry Falce, a 36-year veteran of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department died Tuesday night from injuries he suffered in a New Year’s Eve attack, the department announced.

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Drivers Education

The Art of Road Etiquette: Road Civility vs Road Rage is an essential read for any young driver in the process of learning the Rules of the Road. While necessary for obtaining a license to operate a vehicle, the Rules of the Road offer no insights into the fundamental topics involving proper behavior, non-verbal communication and cues, or road decorum.
This Guide offers historical reflection from the infancy of horse-and-buggy road manners to the profound evolution and development of contemporary road decorum.

This Guide includes critical topics such as:


Use of modern cell phones and other technologies

Avoiding confrontations and misunderstandings

Conflict resolution and appropriate law enforcement relations

This Guide delivers a practical analysis with detailed insights for understanding how to act and how other drivers might interpret those actions.

John Stein
No matter what age you are, this is the Guide that all of us didn’t realize we needed. Providing historical background as well as delivering critical insights into our everyday behavior on the road, this is an essential part of any driver’s education.
John Stein
Automotive Editor